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Lapito's GalacticraftEdit

Lapito's Galacticraft, currently owned and maintained by The Bobs Gaming Network, is a PvP/space oriented mod. It's all about building your base and making it right. Fending off others with advanced technology and lethal modern and futuristic weaponry.

This pack is primarily server oriented and not meant for single player use as it is all about base raiding and defending. Guard your base with a number of technologies, turrets and items. Invade others with space gear, jet-packs and very dangerous weaponry.

Recent Updates Edit

The pack, after being in somewhat of a dormant state, was updates to 1.12 as of May 2018. The pack is available on [Curse[1]], [ATLauncher[2]], and [Technic[3]]. The majority of mods that existed in 1.7.10 are the same. The official server is alive and healthy and a great community lies in their [Discord[4]].

See how to install Lapito's Galacticraft Modpack here.

Official Server:

Do you host a server? Contact us so we may feature it!

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